Q-1. IS SPINZ SUN TAN REMOVER SAFE TO USE? Don’t worry, Spinz Sun Tan Remover has been dermatologically tested and found suitable for all skin types. It is powered by Natural ingredients like lemon, saffron, honey and milk,
Moreover it is a No-bleach formula making it safe for your skin and ideal for everyday use.
Q-2. HOW OFTEN CAN I USE SPINZ SUN-TAN REMOVER? WHERE ALL CAN I USE IT? Spinz Sun Tan Remover can be used daily, to remove the day’s tan. If you are studying in college or a working woman who is exposed to Sun, pollution and dirt more frequently, we suggest you use it daily once after coming home to get fresh, glowing skin. We recommend you use it atleast on alternate days to maintain a glowing, tan free look.
Q-3. SHOULD I APPLY SPINZ SUN-TAN REMOVER LIKE A FACE MASK AND LEAVE IT ON? Yes, take about 2 finger lengths of the cream and apply it in a thick layer on your face. Then you can massage the cream on to your face, helping it work better into the skin. Leave it on your skin for atleat 5 minutes before washing it off
Q-4. CAN I LEAVE SPINZ SUN-TAN REMOVER FOR MORE THAN 5 MINS? Spinz sun-tan remover has been created to work in just 5 mins and give you a glowing fairness. Just 5 minutes is sufficient. By keeping the cream on for more than 5 to 10 minutes you will not get any extra glow.
Q-5. CAN I WASH MY SKIN WITH SOAP POST APPLICATION? It is recommended that you do not use soap on your face immediately on your face. It is not required as Spinz Sun Tan Remover itself removes all the dirt, sweat and pollution along with the Tan.
Q-6. WHERE CAN I BUY SPINZ SUN-TAN REMOVER? You can buy Spinz sun tan remover across all leading medical & modern trade stores (supermarkets). In case you do not find Spinz sun tan remover in nearby stores please call our toll free customer care number1800-419-0671(toll free)or E-mail us at: consumerfeedback@cavinkare.com
Q-7. WHAT ARE THE PACK SIZES IN WHICH SPINZ SUN-TAN REMOVER IS AVAILABLE? Single use sachets @ Rs. 10*; 25g pack @ Rs. 49*; 50g pack @ Rs. 89* *MRP inclusive of all taxes
Q-8. DOES SPINZ SUN TAN REMOVER, REMOVE THE TAN PERMANENTLY? No Spinz Sun Tan remover removes only epidermal tan or recent tan. If you go back in to the sun, your skin will get tanned again. It is a daily cleansing product like soap which needs to be used regularly to maintain a glowing tan free look.
Q-9. IS SPINZ SUN TAN REMOVER LIKE A SUNSCREEN OR SUN BLOCK? No a sun screen or sun block is supposed to protect your skin from tanning by blocking out the UV rays of the Sun. Spinz Sun tan remover on the other hand removes the tan caused due to exposure to sun.
The use of sun screen is a preventive step while using Spinz Sun Tan remover is a corrective step.